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Important Dates

16 April 2018
E-Tasks Dispatch to Clients

20 April 2018
Progress Reports Released

28 May - 15 June
Mid Year Exam

18 June
SBA Submision Deadline

2018 Calendar

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Our History:

The founders of Auxilio cc have more than 21 years experience in the Homeschooling / Distance Education environment in South Africa. We are registered with SACAI as a NSC Distance Education provider for the FET phase. We also offer services to Home Education in the Senior phase.

Home Education   vs   Distance Education

Home Education
• Grade R to Grade 9
• Compulsory school going age.
• Register with Department of Education.
• Falls under Home Education legislation.
• Parent responsible for assessment.
• Auxilio provides tasks, tests and exams.

Distance Education
• Grade 10 to Grade 12
• Out of school NSC qualification.
• Register with Assessment body through provider.
• Does not fall under Homeschooling, this is Distance Education.
• Provider responsible for assessment.
• Auxilio provides, assesses and moderates complete SBA.

What does Auxilio provide:

Grade 7-9: (Senior phase)

We provide the parent with tasks, tests and exams set by qualified people.

We also offer to moderate the learner’s work at the end of a grade. Moderation at the end of the phase - Gr 9, is compulsory.

Grade 10-12: (FET phase)
Please be advised that this phase is after the compulsory school-going age. This phase is for your child to receive a NSC (National Senior Certificate) qualification.

We are a registered NSC Distance Education provider with SACAI.

We provide the learner with approved assessments and exams for this phase.

We assess and moderate the work of the learner.

We register each learner with an Assessment body (SACAI) to complete the NSC qualification.

Please be advised that this is a qualification given by the Government and therefor certain rules and regulations apply and will be enforced. For example, the learner may not write any exam under the supervision of a parent, it must be written at a Centre, a School or a Commissioner of Oath.

What else do we offer:

  • We offer SBA’s and examinations in both English and Afrikaans.

  • Our SBA’s are CAPS aligned, and designed especially for distance education.

  • We offer a wide variety of subjects.

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